Entrepreneur, former women's sports journalist and current business student Janine Anthony joins The Black Sportswoman to discuss Nigerian women athletes to know, Black sportswomen from across from Africa – and across sports – to watch at the Olympics.

Anthony also discusses her favorite moment in Nigerian women's sports history & her personal icon as well as the current sport opportunities available for women and girls. See timestamps below. This video has subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

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  • 0:00 - Intro/Welcome
  • 1:08 - Janine's current work
  • 2:51 - Janine's Nigerian sportswoman icon & favorite moment
  • 7:15 - The sports opportunities for women & girls in Nigeria
  • 11:18 - Janine's vision for attracting & retaining young talent
  • 15:31 - Popular, emerging sports across the continent & athletes to know
  • 19:38 - How the pandemic is impacting sports opportunities across Africa
  • 20:25 - Media & professional opportunities for women interested in sports
  • 26:13 - Tips for finding your place in the sports world
  • 28:36 - African sportswomen to watch during at the Tokyo Olympics

In case you missed it, our most recent free post highlighted Black sportswomen to watch at the Olympics.