The End

The Black Sportswoman's final post.

The End

Thank you for your support of The Black Sportswoman over the last four years. As much as I have loved learning about Black women athletes from around the world and sharing those stories with you, I have decided to stop publishing the newsletter and website.

The short version: This format of storytelling is no longer the best fit for me, but I’m not done with telling stories about Black women athletes. I’ll be canceling all subscriptions and giving prorated refunds for monthly/yearly subscribers.

Note: If you’ve ever donated or subscribed to The Black Sportswoman, your funds have helped me purchase books or do other research that I will be using for my summer internship that’s all about women’s basketball history. See below for more info!

The longer version: 

I started this publication in August 2020 after years of frustration with the way historical and contemporary Black women were treated in sports media: with a lack of coverage, lack of respect, and lack of acknowledgement of their contributions to sports. 

The final straw came in April 2020 when I watched a video about Lusia Harris, who I hadn’t known about until the start of the pandemic. It was an honor to interview her and have her stories be the first two articles published on my site.

I’ve learned so much about Black sportswomen from across the world and across different sports. I’ve learned so much about the African, or Black, Diaspora and sports I’d never really watched before, like judo. This publication led me to grad school. 

Being a public history student has taught me (or reminded me) of a few things: I’m not a journalist (despite working for years as one), and I’m not working toward a career as a traditional historian. The work I do each day needs to reflect the work I plan on doing in the future.

As I mentioned though, my work with Black women athletes is not over. This summer, I’ll be working at a museum, curating and writing women’s basketball stories for an exhibit, which of course includes Black women basketball players. 

I’m also working on more projects that blend the history, stories, and humanity of Black women with my creativity. This is where I will shine. Everything I’ve learned about the many, many Black sportswomen around the world will serve as the foundation for all the things I’ll do in the future. I'll be sure to share future projects with you.

Your support of The Black Sportswoman and the encouragement over the years helped me build that foundation, and I’ll always be grateful.