In our latest video, The Black Sportswoman in joined by Dr. Javier Wallace to discuss Black Panamanian sportswomen in history, like the legendary Delmira Pierce, El ciclón del Caribe, and Charlotte (Carlota) Gooden, the first woman to represent Panama at an Olympic games.

Wallace, whose academic work focuses on race and sport in Latin America, also discusses life as a Black West Indian Panamanian, diaspora making and the anti-Black measures from the government that have impacted the lives and careers of Black sportswomen.

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The video includes captions/subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and you can view timestamps below to get a better glimpse at what was discussed.


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 2:38 - The story of Delmira Pierce, el ciclón del Caribe
  • 6:03 - Life as a Black West Indian Panamanian
  • 13:34 - Is it Charlotte or Carlota/names in Panama
  • 16:53 - Diaspora Making Unique to Panama and role of HBCUs
  • 21:40 - Sports as upward mobility for Black women
  • 25:43 - Jean Robotham's protest at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics
  • 31:16 -  How to support youth Black Panamanian girls to play football/soccer