How you can support The Black Sportswoman

How you can support The Black Sportswoman.

How you can support The Black Sportswoman

You can now join The Black Sportswoman community as a paid member or make donations.

The Black Sportswoman unofficially began September 2019, when I made my first Instagram posts. I didn’t know what I was doing then, but I’ve always been passionate about Black women and sports.

I still remember my rants in college when I discovered the lack of coverage and respect for women’s basketball.

There’s the week I was so frustrated that Crystal Dunn’s performance during the 2019 World Cup – and birthday – wasn’t celebrated like others. Or the time Casey Short and Marie-Antoinette Katoto were left off World Cup rosters in disrespectful ways, and I felt like no one was talking about it enough.

I also cried when I learned about Lusia Harris, the leading scorer and rebounder of the 1976 U.S. Olympic women’s basketball team, who isn’t a household name like her counterparts.

But that’s what gave me the push to finally start The Black Sportswoman – a multimedia publication with Black women athletes at the heart of its mission.

I hope you were able to see a little bit of what I’m trying to do at The Black Sportswoman over the last few months. Profiles, Q&A’s, lists, with more features and resources to come.

My mission is to amplify Black women’s contributions to sports through quality storytelling on our website, on social media – (ex. people on TikTok love Earlene Brown so I’m going to feature her here soon) – and through our database.

The news, profiles, stories and information from The Black Sportswoman will always remain free. If you don't pay, you won’t lose access to anything. But I need help financially to continue to do this work. Memberships are $8 a month or $87 if you pay for the full year annual membership.

Your membership will support the work and keep it free for everyone. It also helps pay for my site, subscriptions, research materials, as well as editorial, including assistance with creating The Black Sportswoman database. As a paid member, you’ll also have the option to receive:

  • Early access to materials I’m using for research (often isn’t sports exclusive)
  • Access to The Black Sportswoman’s Discord channel
  • One audio, video or live feature a month on decided topic
  • Access to help shape future coverage

Paid members support quality content that proves Black women athletes and their fans don’t have to accept average.

Become a member here.

If you aren’t able or interested in making a monthly commitment, you can make a donation to The Black Sportswoman here. If you’re unable to financially support The Black Sportswoman right now, I understand. Your support via email subscription and post shares also play a part in growing the community.

Thank you for your support of coverage of Black women athletes.

More coverage soon and thank you for your support!