Black Brazilian women in sports, media (feat. Júlia Belas)

Júlia Belas discusses Black women in sports, media in Brazil.

Black Brazilian women in sports, media (feat. Júlia Belas)

The Black Sportswoman is joined by Júlia Belas, a São Paulo-based sports journalist, to talk about women's sports in Brazil and the experiences of Black sportswomen and Black women in media.

Júlia also shares how life as a Black woman in the country impacts a potential career in sports or media, the network created to combat these issues and more.

Before the episode ends, Júlia also shares Black sportswomen to watch at the Olympics across various sports & her thoughts on the Brazilian national women's football team.

This video has subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish & French. See timestamps below.

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0:00 - Get to know Júlia Belas

1:25 - Júlia's favorite Black sportswoman story

4:45 - Opportunities for Black sportswomen in Brazil

10:09 - Inequalities for Black women in sports & media

19:26 - The Black women in Brazilian football Group Chat

21:27 - Life as a Black Brazilian woman

29:43 - Athletes to watch at the Olympics32:53 - Brazilian women's national football team