Share your memories for our mini doc

Share your Black sportswoman memories by Dec. 2 to be included in our mini doc for YouTube.

Share your memories for our mini doc

We are producing our first ever mini documentary for The Black Sportswoman, and I’ll need your help, since it'll be a community-first project.

Many of you have shared with me very interesting sports memories involving Black sportswomen, whether it was meeting them outside of a sporting event, seeing an historic moment live or even being able to tell them something.

I think it’ll be fun to put them together for a video project that celebrates their accomplishments. The title is currently unnamed, but I’m of course open to suggestions.

So. Did you attend a legendary event? Did you have an inspiring or memorable moment meeting or seeing a Black sportswoman live? How did that impact you? I’ll share mine as an example later in this post. (Don’t be like me, take off your glasses if you’re recording in front of a computer!!)


Share a two to five minute video or audio clip with your favorite memory involving a Black sportswoman. Here’s an ideal format:

  • Introduce yourself and where you’re sending your message from
  • Describe your memory and include the year, location, event, name of the Black sportswoman
  • Share how you felt in that moment or why this is someone to know


Reply to this email or send them to by Dec. 2 at noon ET. During the month of December, I will produce and edit the doc, likely for January publication.


Anyone who identifies as a Black sportswoman, globally. This is not limited to meeting Wilma Rudolph or Surya Bonaly (though if you did, definitely include that!!). But if there is a Black sportswoman that is more of a local legend, that is definitely still cool too. Just make sure you tell us why we should know them!

This will not only be a way for you to share with the community how you ended up here, wanting to celebrate Black sportswomen, but this will also be a way to introduce more Black sportswomen to other people - and let’s be real, I'm always looking to add more people to the database.

I’m attaching a sample video so it’ll be easy for you to follow my lead, but remember that we want to hear from you, your videos/audio/text doesn’t have to be perfect, and I’ll be producing/editing everything.


You can record your video or audio on Zoom or Google Hangout or your phone, but just make sure you’re well lit and in a quiet (enough) place. I’ll take care of the editing, so no need to edit down. Here are some tips if you’re recording video. Here are the best tips if you’re recording audio.

Here is my video, I recorded on my phone at 9 p.m.

There are many things I will change when I film this for the doc, including filming during the daytime. I repeat, don’t be like me and take off your glasses if you’re recording on/in front of your computer!! But I wanted to share this version so you don’t feel like you have to be perfect to submit your video!

Thank you for this, and I hope you’re able to participate. If you’re on the fence, do consider it.

I’m not me if I’m not sharing some resources, so here are two video interviews of Temeka Johnson, since that is who I shared a memory about.